Lamonts Glossary on-line - a comprehensive, illustrated, fully hyperlinked and searchable, glossary of thousands of financial terms.

Lamont's Glossary, over the last 20 years and ten editions, has become the UK’s Industry Standard Finance and Investment Dictionary used by Institutions, Professionals, Regulators and Money Minded Consumers Worldwide.

This new on-line financial dictionary provides the most comprehensive and up to date definitions of English financial terms and investment jargon available.

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Lamont's Glossary on-line features:

  • a simple and easy to use layout
  • fully cross referenced and hyperlinked definitions
  • a full featured search facility to enable searching both for terms and within definitions.
  • a comprehensive range of quality definitions from professionals in the finance industry
  • graphs, illustrations and video content to accompany some definitions
  • the ability to have definitions emailed to you at the click of a button
  • the ability to submit you own definitions and earn a by-line for you or your organisation

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